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first/only??? post ever

2008-02-17 16:41:45 by AgentSneak

to those interested in my work i have some things to say:
A) Sonic Armageddon is NOT dead, just hit a monumental amount of setbacks, itll be out whenever i frickin finish it, currently its like 80 percent done.

B) Starguyz started as a hobby and a way to procrastinate against working on A lol, but i enjoy making them so much they will continue, for those reading and care enough to read this, it would be great if you could recommend them for their own collection! its on the left hand side of the screen when you go to watch them.

C) i'm also working on a mystery flash that will done god knows when, but is looking great.

D) thanks for all those that view and enjoy my work!! it is greatly appreciated!

PS: i am not posting any more music loops, one was enough, just to spice things up a bit lol



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2008-02-17 16:50:08

:D awsome


2008-02-18 18:02:53

cool, how we suggest something to get its own category? ehh man


2008-02-18 18:03:20

graet movies i must speak sir


2008-03-01 23:39:05



2009-09-18 08:13:36

You remember me don't you?


2009-09-18 08:16:08

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2009-11-16 21:36:29

I love it, send it to the printer!


2009-11-26 10:03:01

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